6 Bomb Copywriting Tips to Make your Site More Relateable

by Micah White | Coin Collecting Websites Podcast

Coin Collecting Websites Show Notes:

***I was sick while recording this so please excuse the sniffles 🤷🏽‍♀️***

Rule #1: Write to one person! You want to speak to the individual so they can feel a closer connection. So use the word “you” and other verbiage that your ideal client would relate to right away.

Rule #2: Voice the problem! The more and more you are putting your ideal client’s problem or pain point in her face the more she’s going to start realizing it and put YOU as the solution. We are getting into her subconscious mind lowkey lowkey!

Rule #3: Use the GF filer. This is perfect for you if you feel as if your writing is boring or stale af and you want to add a little bit of life to it. The GF is just bringing you back to your realist self by making you write how you talk if you were sitting down and chatting with your best friend.

Rule #4: Use comparisons, metaphors, and/or analogies! This makes understanding certain topics and situations waaaay easier. Sometimes they need to see it in a different situation with the same concept in order to understand the original concept. Make it relate to their everyday life for the biggest impact!

Rule #5: Be you. Be people relate to people – they like to see honesty, authenticity, and people just being real. Don’t change your copy or image or even how you move because you think it’ll take you further. Stay to true to who you are and infuse it into your brand + business.

Rule #6: Add visuals to your copy because nobody just wants to read words – you can easily get your point use memes, images, graphics, GIFs, emojis you name it. However, if you don’t normally use this and it’s not your thing then don’t force it either.