and I’m going to teach you how to automate the launch of your proven signature program so you enroll students 24/7.

it’s time to give your weekly and monthly sales a facelift. 

It’s 3:22 AM on a Tuesday (club going up? no?) because when you have an online business this is what’s seen as normal. I bet you’re staying up reading, pinning, overwhelmed, maybe even a little confused, and opening the ten millionth tab in Google Chrome that’ll probably never get touched. Can you relate?


You’re looking at your monthly income and you’re satisfied…you have your bills paid and are able to get your Chipotle burrito bowl and your Carmel frappuccino without your card declining. Thank you, Jesus. But you want more. More money, more time, and more impact by sharing your expertise with the masses.  You either in one of the following scenarios with your signature course:


01. You paid your live launching dues and want to launch live less and implement a new strategy.
02. You love working with your 1:1 clients but know that your bank account can’t skyrocket and meet her full potential as there’s only one you and what seems like not enough hours in the day.
03. You’re trying to step back from 1:1 work and being so hands-on in your business and want your signature program to generate your income while you travel, start another business, etc.
04. You have a course that you launched a few times and then stuck it on the “course” page and it’s not bringing in any cash flow and you want to change that.


You’re fed up and fatigued with live launching and know something needs to change. With that, you attend Google University (woohoo to free tuition) and start trying to figure out what this magical world of evergreen is all about…



*opens link in a new tab* *opens link in a new tab* *opens link in a new tab*

You’re flooded with information and drowning in confusion. You need to connect what with what? Sign up for huh? Download this? HELLO, STANDSTILL. Rather than gaining clarity, you’re gaining a headache. Instead of nailing this evergreen lifestyle you’re frustrated, annoyed, and have already dropped out of Google University.

You’re wondering how all the “gurus” + “experts” or other women in your field are utilizing this method to make money all the time with little to no effort #holla. How they are making MORE money, having MORE time, and providing MORE impact. If you’re here, you probably understand the true potential that an evergreen funnel really has for you and your business…I’m talking life-changing potential. Camel-back-riding-in-Dubai-with-your-man-being-the-best-photographer-so-you-can-stunt-on-IG-potential! But you also know that there are a few flaws with that regular evergreen model. Which is why I’ve created the Evergreen Course Launch Method.

You want the system, the keys to living the life you’ve dreamt about and I am telling you my Evergreen Course Launch Method can be the pathway to just that. You have the expertise and a killer proven signature program to go along with it and you’re ready to sell that bad boy on autopilot. Don’t worry, I’ve got you boo.


You are over feeling confused and like a slave to your laptop, trying to figure out how to get out of the live launching lifestyle and not experiencing the FREEDOM that we all get into entrepreneurship for. Am I right? But things are about to change.


Hey girl, hey 😉 Ready to start selling your bomb + proven signature program like clockwork!? It’s time to automate your launch, enroll more students, and scale your program. Download the roadmap for the full rundown below, xoxo!

“There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” — Rihanna

Most evergreen strategies are taught by men. Masculine men. With a very robotic and “fake” feel that just didn’t connect with me. So I wanted to fix that and present a new way to improve things by adding a fresh and feminine approach. 

Allowing the evergreen and automated funnel to feel as real, raw, and live like as possible all while having convert generating email copy that focuses on educating and adding value in order to nail the sale. Bringing back the idea of serving OVER selling in a way that’s honest and as nonsalesy as possible. 

why we should work together…

I find joy and love in the stuff you hate or find stressful af. Strategy, systems, email marketing, and techhhhh!

I specialize in evergreen course strategy for coaches meaning all my content is will YOU in mind.

 I’ve developed a method that isn’t something you can Google or find out Pinterest. I created something magical that will rock your world.

I’ll limit the 22 million Google tabs in your browser and all the wine glasses on your glass coffee table. Well…maybe you can keep the Barefoot 😉 

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