just like your edges, your online presence is nothing to play with. – webalations 7:13

Stop changing your website and brand colors every 2 seconds because it’s not reflecting your business.

• you have an “every size fits all” logo and website for a brand that is one-of-a-kind which is limiting your growth.

• you’re spending way too much time trying to get a site that WORKS for you and connecting all the pieces which is taking you away from the reason you got into the business in the first place.

• your weekends start by diving into “sales funnel” and “email marketing” videos but end up in frustration, a Barefoot bottle, and still no funnel set up.

• you feel like you’re trapped at your computer constantly working on your biz, working crazy hours, not sleeping or eating, and most importantly, forgetting to get those brows waxed!

What if I told you that I could eliminate your problems and provide you with every single thing you would need to literally boss up your brand, business, and online presence in just 2 weeks flat. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling.

Transform from a brand that has the lifespan of Kim K’s 72-hour marriage to a brand that kills the online space, converts, and finally feels like you.




Micah played a vital role in pitching, developing and launching the first rendition of digital products and master classes for our women’s lifestyle brand, 21Ninety. Micah was responsible for:

• Writing and road mapping sales funnel sequences
• Designing supplemental course materials
• Creating SMS copy and engagement strategies for students enrolled in the course

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Micah and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She brought valuable knowledge and ideas to the table. Along with her work ethic, Micah is an absolute joy to work with, always aimed to push the envelope, and develop innovative ways to launch and build out our digital products.

Say hello to mimosa sippin’ weekends, crossing things off your vision board, and focusing on making money. Imagine this…

• actually catching Grey’s Anatomy live, scheduling that bae-cation to Dubai, and ordering all the Fashion Nova your little heart desires.

• get time back into your life so you can experience that freedom we all crave and get into entrepreneurship for.

• knowing that no matter where somebody comes from – Pinterest, FB Ad, or Periscope broadcast – your website would have a customer journey that fit your ideal client at any level.

• having the Olivia Pope of sites because yours would sell for you autopilot (hell yes to “sleep-coin”) and no matter what you were doing, your site would have it handled. 

when your website is planned and designed stragetically, you spend less time convincing and more time living.

Remember when I said I could get your entire life (and biz) together in just 2 weeks flat? Here’s the rundown:


• We start with a “kick-off” meeting on Sunday where we cover project expectations,  a live viewing of your site wireframes, and discuss your lead magnet choice. Then we start to bring the wireframes to life.

• You will adjust your conent and images based off the wireframe shown to you.

• Over the course of the first week, you’ll be shown your branding visuals and graphics each day for your approval starting with a mood board and your logo concepts.

• Your email marketing and welcome series will be uploaded and your lead magnet and promo graphic will be designed during this time.



• We upload your theme to our “live” site for you to view and make any final tweaks before we upload your custom Babe to Boss theme to your domain and hosting.

• Once all tweaks are knocked out, we will go in and add in and the content and copy and start to bring your new online BFF to liiiiife!  

• You get the email that your site is ready to go, pay the remaining 50% and will give you access to our private and password procted client hub so you can confidently handle your site after we give it to you.

• You: twerk with happiness and Us: twerk even harder with happniess 💃🏽 !


$497 to book your spot / 50% due a week before start date / 50% due upon completion 

so what’s including in this ultimate kit? click the images below to find out!




The quality of Micah’s work is second to none! She produces amazing content and is a BEAST. Micah was great at taking my ideas and bringing them to life visually.

Working with her  saved me at least 10 hours per week and simplified my schedule. It took the stress load off of my plate so I could focus on building my business instead of working on my business. She is a charm to work with!

Oh wow, I totally forgot to introduce myself. I’m Micah, the GF that’s gonna give you the best 2 weeks of ya life.

I’m Micah White, a WordPress website designer helping bosses reclaim their time with a website that is profitable and strategic and sells for them on autopilot. 
I have created an entire branding and site design process that allows you to partner with me one-on-one and launch your site in just 2 weeks.


Because you KNOW you need a strong online presense but dont have the time! You need something that feels like you, speaks to your clients, sells for you in your sleep so you can pay attention to what really matters!

Ready to let us be the Meredith to your Christina?

To get started, there are 3 steps:

1. Take a look at the next steps (under calendar)
2. Complete the form below
3. Schedule a 15 – 30 minute booking inquiry call

November 2018
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

You’re feeling condfidnet, serious, and ready to make the investment with Babe to Boss but you have a few questions. We hop on a free phone or video call (your choice) and hash out any last minute questions, fears, and concerns. We host calls on Mondays only. But if you’re super ready, shoot us an email: info@babetoboss.co

We’ll discuss poteintal start dates and collect payment info. Don’t worry, your card won’t be charged until our agreed start date 😉

Woohoo! You’ve decided to work with Babe to Boss to build a brand that is 100% unique to you and your business. Holla! Once we hop off the call, you’ll receive an email with:

– gradtitude
– recap of our call
– the link to sign your contract
– the next steps (non-refundable book deposit fee)

Again, we strongly encourage you to give yourself at least 1-2 weeks to finish your pre-work which is due a WEEK before your start date. Please keep this in mind.

You’ve booked your spot and now it’s the waiting period until your start date. This is where the real work comes in on your part. But you’re a boss and we have no worries about you completing the pre-work on time 😉 Once you’ve completed everything, you can breathe and mentally prepare for all of the visual goodness that’s coming your way!

All pre-work and the first payment is due a WEEK BEFORE your start date.

Take a sneak peek into what the client portal looks like, view demo.

It’s 6 pm on a Sunday, we’re in our comfy pajamas and sippin’ on some wine ready to start our kick-off meeting. During the video call, we’ll cover:

– project expectations and reminders

– thoroughly review and discuss your homework (hello mini biz coaching sessions)

– do a live showing of your website’s wireframes, you review and make all the edits you’d like

– cover any questions you have

Then Monday arrives and the 2 week process is in full swing *screams in excitment*




Micah – this lady is truly THE BOSS when it comes to website design and social media content!!! There have been numerous times she has come to my rescue whether the problem was large or small (mostly large from my point of view!)