Alright girl, so you have this bomb af business idea and finally decided it was time to claim it for the online space. How do you do this? By snagging your domain! For my tech challenged ladies (no shade) here’s a run down:

Your domain is what you type into the browser or url. Think of it like an empty plate at ya man’s family’s BBQ.


Examples: // //

Purchasing your own domain 1) let’s you #securethebag meaning that you don’t have to worry about your actual business name and domain being different because that tacky. 2) It gives you control in the online space. Yes, social media gives you a voice in the online space but what happens with your favorite social media app goes ghost? Like how Vine did to all those 6 second comedians. You and your brand go right along with it and that’s just an extra level of stress you don’t need.


Get Online Series: How to Purchase your Domain


When you have your own domain and hosting, nobody can take that away from you. These things go hand and hand, however, if you’re not ready to purchase your hosting and get your site up and running just yet, still snag your domain! Below is a a quick tutorial on how to purchase your domain for less than $15 and in under 5 minutes! Enjoy, xoxo.