No seriously. How does launching and enrolling NEW students into your proven signature program 24/7 without having to be physically present or emotionally drained sound? Freaking lit to me.

If we’re being honest, live launching can be a pain in the (you can guess what I’m gonna put here)

Launch a course, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…well maybe not for the 20th time. Am I right!? You and I both know that live launching can be VERY profitable, draws in excitement, creates crazy urgency, and more. BUT it can become very draining and time-consuming.

Live launching can leave your income determined by a 2 week time period and then that’s it. Cheers to living off of a $20,000 launch for the rest of 2018. Says no one ever.

So you say, “Bye Felicia!” to the live launching model and arrive to the regular evergreen model like:

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to quickly realize…


that there is SO MUCH TECH involved and a lot of moving parts.

that this “set it and forget it” mantra isn’t selling your signature program as frequently as you’d like.

that FOMO advantage that live launching gave you isn’t working over on this side.

that the less stress approach isn’t making the cut and your course is slowly withering away on your sales page. why?

it’s always available and everyone knows that they can come back tomorrow or purchase on their next payday *cue eye roll emoji*

So what do you do? Suck it up and go back to live launching? 

Hell no. You just wish there was something that took the excitement, profits, and scarcity of live launching while allowing you to be hands-off, create consistent PASSIVE income, and scale your proven signature program like clockwork…

because you have masterminds + retreats to plan, 1:1 clients to love on, and oh yeah, a freedom-filled life to enjoy 🥂✈️💆🏽 

You can’t afford to waste precious time planning, setting up, and physically doing a live launch multiple times a year. 

And this is the ONE thing you can’t actually outsource and delegate. Becuase, having your VA show up during your live launch would have everyone a little confused. 

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My method mimics the foundation of a live launch and uses tools + software to automate the process so you can get the pros of the live launching model and the pros of the regular evergreen model so you can start your launch, sell to your signature program, and enroll NEW students all day, every day.
Who is this for?
01. The coach who has turned her 1:1 process into a proven online course and she wants to increase her earnings and scale her business.

02. The course creator who’s paid her live launching dues and wants to implement a new strategy.

03. The woman who wants to step back completely and let a method + system run her educational business so she can start a new venture or dedicate her time else where.

04. The expert who is struggling with the regular evergreen model and wants something to supercharge her enrollment ASAP!

it takes two to tango…


You have a killer signature program that has given your students results and improved their lives.

I have a method that’ll help you impact even more students’ lives because you’re not limited to your live launching timeline.

Or diving head first into a model that forces your new lead to watch a 60 minute webinar that pitches them during the very first encounter.

*spoiler alert* you’re going to need to give them some more loving if you want them to spend $997 on a program.

By the end of working together (yes, together lol), you’ll have:

an understanding of the method and how it’ll play a role in your specific business.

an automated system that will mimic a live launch, allow you to step back, and generate more students and income.

all the tools + software set up, connected, and Olivia Pope handled.

your pages set up so that the process can run smoothly and effortlessly.

every single email sequence, tag, and rule strategized and put into place so you can launch on autopilot with ease…because nothing is worse than still getting emails after you’ve decided to purchase! Like girl, get ya systems together lol.


the package includes:

• an audit of your existing system (if in place)
• one hour* strategy session to cover the method in depth
• an opt-in worthy pre-course incentive design
• a waitlist course guide design
• the completed automated system to launch your program 24/7
• all of the tech + software set up and connected
• every single page you’ll need planned
• email sequences, tags, and automation strategized + executed (and swipe files for inspiration on your copy if you’re not the best at writing)
• a fail-proof lockdown system to give your evergreen course launch true deadlines and real urgency so people know you didn’t come to play and will act fast
• a flawless follow-up method that doesn’t require you to use ads or sleazy sales tactics that makes everyone uncomfortable

and so much more 😉