Let’s face it. Everybody tells you that you need an email list…

But it seems as if nobody is showing you how  to actually set everything up which is well…annoying af. Sign up below for my FREE step-by-step video training series on how to get your email marketing set up now!

Module 1:

  • what is email marketing?
  • why you need to build your email list
  • determine which email platform is best for you and your business

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Module 2:

  • figuring out your goals
  • setting up your account 
  • knocking out all of the boring stuff

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Module 3:

  • what is your list purpose?
  • determining your opt-in
  • how to create your list (use these steps every time)

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Module 4:

  • create and design your opt-in page
  • set up your thank you redirect page
  • and craft your sign up add-on emails

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Module 5:

  • what is automation?
  • benefits of adding a welcome series to your business
  • how to set up a welcome series
  • how to connect a welcome series to your list
  • create your welcome series

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Module 6:

  • sharing your list 
  • how to embed your code to your site (Divi and none Divi)
  • how to set up a customized short link to promote your lead page

meet your new tech BFF.


Hey there boss lady, I’m Micah, the founder of Babe to Boss LLC, a virtual tech assistance boutique that helps you learn stress free ways to implement tech, design, and site strategy into your online business. I’m also a strategic WordPress designer for the popping, unapologetic, money making, female infopreneurs.

I love tech and strategy and learning how it all works within my business but I also understand not a lot of women have the same love for it. If there is a way I can remove obstacles that are slowing you and your business down then my goal is complete. This is why I created this free video training series so there’s no more irritation and just implementation.

After you complete this training you should have your email platform chosen, your list, lead magnet, and opt-in page created, your automation in play, and more. The best part is that you can use this process over and over again. Xoxo.


A free list of 25+ lead magnet (freebie) ideas to help you start building your email list. Because just saying “sign up for my newletter” is played out.

Once you hit training video 5 you’ll understand exactly want a welcome series is and how it will benefit the mess out of your online business. I give you the entire rundown and exactly how to structure your own. This bonus will help you write out your welcome series copy step-by-step.

what these #girlbosses had to say:

Before I dived into the tech world I didn’t know much or how it worked within my business and that’s something Micah really helped me with. She’s very relatable that it doesn’t feel like a client relationship but a girl friend helping me get my life together. I love Micah because she is always open to help in anyway possible.


Treasure Bishop

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Babe to Boss Free Email Marketing Video

Micah! Thank you SO much for sending this tutorial, I had some technical difficulty so your tutorials saved my life!

Ashley Devonna

Girl, let me be your Advil! Stop letting the tech part of email marketing give you headaches. Snag the free training now!