I’m sure this has happened to you…

You’re on a fellow boss lady’s website looking at a course and then a few days later an ad for that exact course just pops up on your Facebook feed and you’re like:

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Girl yes, you’ve just been pixeled. Which is so neat to my nerdy ass lol. So what is Facebook pixel? It’s literally just a tiny snippet of code that you place within your website’s [header] coding structure and it’s FREE. Let me spit the benefits of this magic below:

It’s great if you plan to run ads now or in the future

I get it, not everybody is in a space to where they’re ready to start busting it open with ads. However, setting up FB pixels on your site will help you when you do start to run ads because all the dirty work will be done for you. And the time and money you were gonna waste trying to figure out who to target will be saved for your Chipotle burrito bowl.

Retargeting your site visitors

Whenever someone is logged into FB (no matter the device) and visiting your site, the pixels report back to FB:

  1. Who they are
  2. What pages they visited
  3. When they visited

This allows you to “pixel people” who visited a specific page within your site. For example if somebody read a blog post called: Why you need FB pixels (lol) and I had FB pixels on my site I could then set it up to where everyone who viewed that blog post could opt-in to watch a free video training on how to set up FB on their site in under 10 minutes. Pretty neat.

Conversion city

Another cool part of FB pixels in conversion tracking. Now what is a conversion? It’s basically when somebody completes an action or task. Whether that be: downloading a checklist, registering for a webinar, adding an item to their cart or even purchasing something. All you do is go into your ad manager and place your “completion” url which is typically a thank you page or final purchase page or some type of redirect page. The options are:

– Viewing content
–  Search
– Add to cart
– Add to wishlist
– Initiate checkout
– Add payment info
– Purchase
– Lead (freebie)
– Complete register (webinar, summit, masterclass)

Audience tracking

Learn about the people who are visiting your site. Since FB pixels is set up through well, Facebook, you get to understand what groups they’re in, what pages they like, and so on. Not only that but FB will start to place your ads in front of people who are similar to the people who’ve actually been to your site! Below, check out a tutorial on how to add Facebook pixels to your website within 10 MINUTES!

How to Add FB Pixels to Your Website • Babe to Boss

How to Add FB Pixels to Your Website • Babe to Boss