Frequently asked questions…

What are your hours?

The “office hours” for Babe to Boss are Sunday – Thursday but let’s be honest, I am always working lol! Emails are answered between 11am to 7pm during our office hours.

I hold Slide in the DMs calls on Mondays only. Projects start on Sundays.

What are your services and prices?

You can view my service page, here.

How long does your Infopreneur Boss Kit package take?

2 weeks! Yup, you read that right. 

What if I only want branding?

With the rebrand, we are no longer just doing branding or just creating sites. The Infopreneur Boss Kit is a full service package and experience for those who are serious and want to get their brand’s online presence leveled up all in once place.

Does Babe to Boss offer copywriting services?

We do not, however, we create strategic websites and provide in depth wire-framing so that you’ll know exactly what to put on each page which makes coming up with your own copy super easy and will save ya pockets 😉

What do I need to have completed before working with you?

General knowledge of your business. Your business name, written copy, branded photography. During “waiting period” section, we cover things like: target market, services, lead magnet creation, your ideal client, and more. I am your designer, not your business coach, however, I try my best to guide you in the right direction.


Do you assist with printing my branding material?

No, your business cards are created and delivered to you. All you’d have to do is upload your files to a site such as Vistaprint or Moo and go from there!

Who do you work with?

I work with creative female infopreneurs only, hints the Infopreneur Boss Kit. What’s an infopreneur? Somebody who sells or plans to sell products/services based of their knowledge. Whether it’s something they learned in school, experience, results, something that was self-taught, etc. Example: online courses, workshops, coaches, and so on.

How can I pay?

On the sales page of the service you’re interested in. Click the button and it will direct you to where you need to go to pay. 

What if I really want you to design my site but I can't afford you?

1. Get the money (just being honest here girl!) and start saving today.

2. Take a look at the DIY Boss Up

I may need help after working with you, is there something for me?

Yup! For those who purchase the  Infopreneur Boss Kit clients or the DIY Boss Up, there is a post client resource hub full of all the tutorial they’ll need to confidently manage their brand new site.