Hey girl hey! Your 404 page is about to be dripping in finesse after reading this blog post, okuuuur. Having a potential anything (client, student, subscriber, etc.) land on a 404 page can damage your credibility and trust factor as a business owner so quick leaving them with a nasty taste in their mouth. This is definitely something we don’t want and I am going to give you the 411 on 404 so you can bring back the trust, enhance your site goals, and customize your 404 page so it is strategy infused, full of personality, and of course, dripping in finesse. Let’s get into it!
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What is a 404 page?


It what your website presents to the end user when a page no longer exists on your website. Also know as an error page. To see what your own 404 page looks like go into your browser and type: www.yourwebsite.com/micahisthebomb and that should bring it up! Most will say: Oops, Not found, Error, or simple 404 Page.


Reasons why this page may show up:


01. a misspelling of the name
02. an incorrect link
03. you changed the name of a page/post
04. you simply deleted the page/post but it’s still floating around in these internet streets
05. an offer expiring

and so much more.


How this damages your trust factor and credibility:

When someone clicks on your link, no matter where it came from (Pinterest, through a blog post, an email, a FB ad, etc.) they have some type of interest and desire. And when the link they chose to click on reads ERROR they’re going to be confused and upset. Because you made a promise and they had an expectation to learn something new and it fell short. Your one shot and first impression with your end user ends up being an L because, in their mind, you didn’t follow through with what the link was supposed to do.

With that, as a business owner or brand, you automatically lose or even damage their trust and your reputation.  Because in their head their like: “You said by clicking on this link, I would learn the 4 things to make 6-figures and I click on it and ain’t nothing here but an “OOPS” page. And with that experience with your business (if they are a first timer) they may never visit your website again, purchase/work with you, or consider you as the solution to their problem.


Finesse time! How to gain back their trust and your reputation:


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…but foreal. You can fix this mistake by creating your own custom 404 page that your end user lands on. Most 404 pages that come with your website:

a) are boring and/or ugly, b) not on brand, and c) don’t give the end user an incentive to stay on your website and trust you again

So here are somethings you can include on your custom 404 page to bring back trust, build you as an expert, and help you with your biz and site goals:


>> add images/GIFs
>> include text full of humor, your brand personality, or something to clearly state that you are aware of the awkwardness that just happened.
>> a link to your home page 
>> access to a free resource 
>> an opt-in for your #1 lead magnet 
>> link to them to your most popular blog posts 
>> ask them to connect with you on social media
>> have a contact form and encourage them to tell you what is it they were looking for
>> invite them into your FB group