In the first post of the Get Online Series we discussed domains and I discussed what they are and showed you how to purchase your own domain in 5 minutes for under $15. I also stated that:

Your domain is what you type into the browser or url. Think of it like an empty plate a ya man’s family’s BBQ.


Examples: and

Your hosting is where/what your blog or personal site is held on. Now your hosting would be all the fixings (chicken wings, pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc.) that’d go on your plate at the BBQ. Your hosting is the VISUALS, that stuff people can see on your site. It’s your pages, the home page, about, contact, blog…you get the point. If we go back to the BBQ example, nobody wants to go to their man’s BBQ and only hold a plate (domain) because you’d be like:

Image result for excuse me gif

Am I right or am I right? A girl gotta eat and when it comes to getting online you need both. Examples of hosting would be:,, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Blogger, etc.
If you’re serious stick to or Squarespace. I personally use WordPress for myself as well as for my clients.

I also want to touch on the different between and is self-hosted which means: having your website totally under your control. This can include you managing all whole aspects of it, from setting up the web server to installing software, to simply managing your weblog software like WordPress. does not provide you with that access. If you’re itching to switch, here’s how to switch from to – watch it now.

Well that’s it, and below you can find a tutorial on how to purchase your hosting. Enjoy, xoxo!