Tired of staring at a blank screen when your dream job asks for a cover letter? Then my killer plug and play cover letter template formulas are exactly what you need. I use these templates personally and they’ve done wonders 😉 I applied to TWO of my dream internships and got asked if I could do a phone interview the NEXT day! I even include BOTH cover letters I submitted for you to use as an examples 🙂

 Save time + frustration and write a bomb and customized cover letter that’ll make them want to see your resume! READ this blog post giving you the rundown and importance of all things cover letters!


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With your full personal branding course, resume template, and cover letter plug + play, I was able to land an internship in Time Square Summer 2017 and then turn around and gain another internship with the Wendy William’s Production team. Thank you so much Micah!!!

Gabby Y. [Slay Your Brand Course Student]

Can I say thank God for these templates!? I thought I had cover letters down but the way Micah laid everything out was just mind blowing. It allowed me to show my love for my field, proper company research, my personality and skills without sounding thirsty. The templates allow you to completely customize your cover letter no matter who you’re applying for. I LOVE THIS. Thank you!!!

Britney Jackson

The templates are really thorough and easy to follow. It took A LOT of stress off my plate because I was a little cover letter slow lol!