imagine waking up every day to new COURSE sales effortlessly. 

you can, when you decide to put your signature program on an automated evergreen launch funnel, with my help of course. #hellosleepcoin

and the only thing holding you back is well…everything.

You’ve launched your beloved signature program, enrolled students, and have success stories for days. Now, you’re ready to set up an automated evergreen system but freeze at all the moving parts. You’re ready to learn how to strategize and execute the damn thing.

inside the roadmap, you learn:


> the pre-requirements you must meet before going evergreen

> the 4 types of scenarios for automating your course launch

> the tools and software I recommend for maximum success

> the stages of my Effortless Evergreen Course Launch Method

> the “reverse engineered” big picture behind the funnel


Income Strategist,

The quality of Micah’s work is second to none! Working with you saved me at least 10 hours per week and simplified my schedule. It took the stress load off of my plate so I could focus on building my business instead of working on my business. You were great at taking my ideas and bringing them to life visually. You are a charm to work with! 

// automate your course launch funnel

Say buh-bye to #WhatTheTech because my perfect roadmap to selling your signature course on autopilot will break down all the things you need to know in order to get your evergreen course launch funnel up and running, effortlessly.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.