one of our themes + your bomb ideas


it’s where diy meets designer #holla!

The M style is perfect for you if…

>> You loooove one of our WordPress templates but what to tweak it a little bit to feel more you.

>> You want some of the perks that come with custom design work without having to give up total control

>> You’re brand new in the game or relaunching your new coaching biz

>> You love the DIY life but may want [or need] some extra help from an expert

the step by step rundown:

01. you choose a theme (not included) from The MW Collection – you get everything that’s already included so take a look beforehand 😉

02. you can choose between 2-4 major revisions to add to your new theme

here’s how you can get the designer work and still stay in control:

We do the branding, lead magnet, and custom design work and then hand it back to you to DIY the rest…

>>  Our themes come with step by step tutorials to take you through setting up and launching your stie.

>> Plus editable Photoshop files AND email marketing training AND a client hub so you can feel confident managing your new website

>> You add in your copy, photos, new brand colors on your own but with the help of our in-depth videos!

>> We also provide a brand new custom video showing how to edit the new pages we created for you as well.

BONUS: you’ll also be receiving a plug and play Legal Collection Templates for launching your website, online course, program, or 1 on 1: Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions, Client Agreement PLUS Refund Policy Options and Disclaimer Samples.

make your changes something simple or complex. Your ideas are just a few clicks away.

Simple Branding


> primary and secondary logo design

> submark

> mood board

> primary color and font selection

> brand style guide to tie it all together

you’ll prep with some brand homework and Pinterest planning 😉

Lead Magnet Design


> you know I love me some site strategy and having a well-designed lead magnet is KING.

> you provide us with your lead magnet copy and images and you’ll get a PDF, checklist, workbook, ebook, swipe file, YOU name it!

> you’ll get up to 10 pages of lead magnet goodness to educate and build your expertise with your opt-in worthy freebie.

you’ll be provided with a list of 25+ lead magnet ideas to get the ball rolling.


What platform do you work on?

Self-hosted WordPress (so not 

What all do you customize?
Anything you want! You can change the homepage, add in new pages, etc. However, the overall layout of the theme you pick stays the same so be sure to pick a theme you like the best!
How many pages are included?
All the pages in the original theme plus any of new pages you choose with you TWO major revisions.
Are you uploading my theme and pages?
Nope! We craft your brand, design a flawless lead magnet, and add some your magic sauce to our premade theme. Then we hand it back to you to DIY. Meaning you do everything from installing, uploading, and adding content with the help of our tutorials.
What do I need before I start?

Your theme of choice already purchased. Everything else will be provided upon booking this service.

Do I need to purchase a theme first?

Yes. Themes are not included in the price. The price includes branding, lead magnet design, and your two major revisions. Purchase your theme, HERE.

What if I'd like more than what is offered?

If you’d like more branding and/or custom design work then I recommend working with me exclusively 1:1.

How long does this take?

Once you’re on the calendar and your date is booked, it only takes 5-7 days.

Let’s get you poppin’ M STYLE, click the button below to get started &  book your spot today. This service is $3,800.