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Let me ask y’all a question. How many times have you opted-in (gave your email) in exchange for a lead magnet (a freebie) and then a few days after you downloaded your freebie you receive a series of emails in your inbox? The creator of the freebie is telling you her story, the details about her business, and what her list is all about. That my friend is an automated welcome series funnel.

So what the heck is a welcome series? It’s series of automated emails that get sent after someone opts-in on your site. Then over the course of a few days you send emails that introduce: you, your brand, and your best offers to your subscribers.

Now how does this benefit you on the other side of this funnel as the creator? Let me ask you, have you ever thought about what happens after somebody downloads your amazing freebie?

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Probably not, which is OKAY, a majority of the time when someone gets the freebie you created, they don’t hear from you for days, weeks, and even months. Girl. They will forget about your behind so quick and we don’t want that. Why? Because people are stingy af with their emails and don’t just allow everybody to have access to their inbox so take advantage of this. You already know that whoever decided to give you their email to grab your freebie has an interest in you and your business! Setting up your welcome series will help you continue to build trust and a connection with them and I know y’all hear “the money is in the list!” and sis, I’m tryna get this schmoney too.

When you set up your Welcome Series it keeps the excitement going and put you in the front of their mind. Not only that but it will help you have increased open rates when you:

  • Send out emails to your list
  • Higher reply rates
  • Purchases from your “launching” emails

Why? Because people buy from people they trust and can relate to. So how to do set up your automated welcome series? You need to find an email marketing platform provider (MailChimp, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, Convertkit, and more) Use your good friend Google, it’s free, and research all the platforms and pick which one is for you. Not what Ricky, Bobby, and Mike are telling you to use because it’s the new wave.

Now that’s out the way, here’s what you should include in your welcome series:

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You’ll need to determine the time
Think about who your target audience is and what they do during the day. When would they b be able to check their email? If they work a 9 to 5, set your automated welcome series to match that.

You’ll need to determine your trigger

What is a Trigger = how quickly your email will send after the previous email was sent… imminently, minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. I recommend waiting a little bit after someone has downloaded your freebie and signed up for your list before you go sending them emails they don’t expect are coming. I wait about a day or two before reaching out again.

Email #1 The first encounter:

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  • Determine the trigger
  • Set your subject Line

What to include:

  • Engaging subject line and branded template**
  • Say hello! Relink the opt-in freebie
  • Instruct them on how to receive emails (switch folder location, create a folder for your emails, or save email to contacts)
  • Where can they connect with you (SM/BLOG/FB GROUP) 1-2 opts…don’t give too many options because too many may make them not choose at all
  • What to expect from this newsletter, how frequently will you be popping up in their email and what specific topics will you be covering
  • Tease your upcoming emails! Let them know what is coming up next (what are they receiving so that they can get excited)

You want to keep this email short and sweet because, like I said before, they weren’t expecting anything so you don’t want to send them an entire novel.

Email #2 My Name is Hov (Introduction Email):

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  • Determine the trigger
  • Set your subject Line

What to include:

  • Engaging subject line and branded template**
  • Welcome image or video, if you choose to do a video, keep it short and sweet!
  • Introduce yourself! Make sure you keep it fun, witty, on brand and audience-relevant! Don’t spend too much time here, if you want them to read more, link to them your about me page
  • Your business mission statement and how are you going to help them? What’s problem?
  • Add in 1 to 2 gifts (links, coupons, freebies, etc.) because they won’t be expecting this. Most people who opt-in are not familiar with your brand so you have the chance here, to show them what you want them to see! Make sure that whatever gifts you give, that it relates to your opt-in topic and their problems!
  • Encourage them to “hit reply” by asking them a question AND REPLY BACK. Here you can lowkey finesse – meaning strategy not scheming lol – and survey your audience to see what their problems are and create products/services around that.
  • Again, tease upcoming emails! Let them know what is coming up next (what are they receiving so that they can get excited) > add at the end or in PS


Email #3 Wrap it up then 

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  • Determine the trigger
  • Set your subject Line

What to include:


  • Engaging subject line and branded template**
  • Say a quick hello, make sure they received the last email. What did they miss? Make them feel like they missed out and want to go and read the previous email you sent. Be sure to mention the previous “gifts” and link them again.
  • Now share a new free gift! And it’s purpose (under promise over deliver)
  • Recap and remind them: how to receive your emails, where to connect with you and to reach out, and how frequently you’ll appear and what topics you’ll cover
  • BYE FELICIA! Here is where you give them the option to leave. There is no point in having people on your list who don’t want to be there.
  • Closeout and that’s it!