Welcome to last part of the Get Online Series!

Part 1 we covered what a domain name is and how to purchase your own
Part 2 we covered what hosting is, how to purchase, and why the two go hand and hand

And today we are covering the final step, how to setup your WordPress admin account so that you can get into the back-end of your site and get online asap! When you’ve successfully created your WordPress Admin account  (I show you how below, xoxo) you should be able to type in: yourdomain.com/wp-admin and will brought to a screen that looks like this:


Get Online Series: Setting Up your WordPress Admin

Once you enter the same username
(cannot be changed) and password you created you’ll be brought to the back-end of your WordPress self-hosted site. Again, self-hosted means that you have full control of everything…no third-party nothing! This information is crucial, you’ll need it and what you’ll pass on to your web designer if you choose to hire one! This is what the back-end looks like:


Get Online Series: Setting Up your WordPress Admin


Now my back-end will look a little different because I’ve added in different plugins and certain things to my dashboard but the overall look is the same! Here is where you’ll be able to:

  • Create your pages
  • Create your blog posts
  • Install/delete, activate/deactivate, and update your plugins
  • Add media files (images, documents, files, PDFs)
  • Check your site stats
  • Add your *link* FB pixels code to your site
  • Set up your shop and add products + coupons

         and so much more!

Below you’ll find a video on how to setup your WordPress Admin and connect it all to your domain and hosting. Enjoy, xoxo!