are you…

01. the DIY lady who wants a theme that helps her collect coins effortlessly with tons of tech help? The MW Collection is perfect for you. Check it out here.

02. Obsessed with more than one theme and can’t seem to choose? The Mix and Match option would be best for you. Take certain theme elements and make it into your own! Click here for more info.

03. In love with a theme but want to add in your own CUSTOM ideas? I would too 😉 The M Style is the best choice for you. You’ll get some branding and graphic design work with this package too! Click to read on this awesome package.



finally, services at all levels.

The beauty of running a business is the ability to create offers within everyone’s price point.

If you want to learn the exact site strategy to implement so that your website can convert like crazy, I got you. And if you want to take DIY your site in style with themes catered to infopreneurship, I got you. If you want to take your infopreneur business to level Beyonce, girl, I got you there too. And so much more.

Keep scrolling to view my main offerings to see if they’re right for you. If you have any questions email me:!


I get it, you want a site that helps you meet your business goals, is profitable, and that sells for you on autopilot.

how do you want to boss up?


My signature course where I show you how to lay the foundation of a site that’s profitable and strategic AF. Time to sell on autopilot, sis.


You still want to stay in charge, but need some help from the experts because you don’t know what you don’t know! Get bomb custom work without breaking the bank.


Get a 100% custom and strategically crafted brand and website that allows you to reclaim yo time! This is the ultimate package for serious online biz coaches! Starting at $8,000.